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Data For Good

Time For Homes believes in a methodical, rigorous approach. As such we have a Data for Good program that captures a variety of data from both government sources and other nonprofit organizations in order to drive change in an efficient, informed manner.

Our Data Process

Outside of the overarching goal of ensuring adequate, permanent housing is available for everyone. Time For Homes wishes to:

Gather DAta

Collecting as many varied data sets as are available to us, in order to create a robust base to draw from for our next goal.

Analyze data

Using data science to breakdown the gathered data to attempt to draw conclusions and predict various needs.

Improve Data

It is well known that the data regarding Homelessness is rather lackluster and often falls short of the desired accuracy. This goal represents our desire to attempt new methods of improving this data, using high level analytical techniques—including modeling and optimization techniques used in fields like medicine and physics.

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