The Culture of Homelessness


This is an ethnographic study providing a unique insight into homelessness. This book explores why it is that despite the fact that previous research appears to have established the causes of homelessness and formulated solutions to it, which have been implemented, homelessness still persists. The books will look anew at the causes of triggers of homelessness, discussing the life events and processes that often trigger, protect against and predict the likelihood of someone becoming homeless (or roofless). This includes a close look at the process of becoming homeless, plus the process of leaving homelessness and reintegration into housed society.

A detailed examination of the synergical and complex nature of homelessness will explore the interaction of this complexity with the structures in place within society that are designed to prevent or alleviate rooflessness. Unique evidence is drawn from a group of people who have experienced rooflessness, Uniquely, this is counterbalanced with evidence from people who experienced similar triggers but never actually became homeless. The complex, multi-faceted routes into rooflessness will be demonstrated in terms of biographical, structural and behavioural factors. It will be shown that this complexity increases with the age of the individual and the duration of their rooflessness.

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