Founder, QuickHaven Inc.

Dan Bodner is the founder QuickHaven Inc. Dan began working on the QuickHaven concept in 2017, inspired to act by the growth of tent encampments along his daily commute.

The daily scene of hopelessness motivated him to begin researching materials, sketching designs, and experimenting with connectors and metals, slowly forming the QuickHaven concept and culminating in a ¾ scale corner section mockup he completed in the summer of 2019. The mockup convinced him that the concept was viable, and he then began recruiting the team and building the company.

Dan has a master’s degree focused on numerical analysis and simulation in Hydrogeology from the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied under a University Fellowship; and he has a Liberal Arts degree from Vassar College. He has been in C level leadership roles for the past 30 years. He is also the creator of the FidoHand prosthesis. Early on Dan worked in construction and as an Architectural draftsman. He is a home-renovation hobbyist with skills in most of the building trades.

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