Advisory Board

Duncan’s outcast lens weaves uncanny stories into filmmaking to address how humanity reconciles with our chaotic, often incomprehensible, divisive world. He is the director and producer of thecharacter-driven documentary titled “One Paycheck Away” (currently in development) focusing on the hardworking Americans who are living through the tumultuous transition from a stable working and middle class existence to one that is barely surviving. One Paycheck Away is not another top down approach documentary; rather, it is the true stories of individuals, families, and communities struggling to for workable solutions in a world increasingly hampered by the status quo.

A NYU graduate, Duncan has been involved in the film industry since 2007 with film program,policies, tax incentives and film studio development. Some of his film projects include: Somebody Next Door (Director/Producer), Homeless Ashes (Executive Producer), Drunktown’s Finest(Executive Producer, Sundance Selection, Robert Redford, Executive Producer).With extensive economic, natural resources and community development experience, he brings a unique, raw POV and access to merge disparate disciplines into potential call to action that comes from within the deep spaces of characters and places.

Duncan has been involved with hands-on strategic, economic and community development for many years. While serving in various positions with government and private entities, he was instrumental in active participation to establish initiatives and resources to support a myriad of community and regional infrastructure development, including activities and project management related to affordable housing, sustainable agriculture, food systems enhancements, renewable energy, broadband telecom solutions, media and film industry, water resources and conservation.

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