Editor-in-Chief, Housing Policy Debate

Tom Sanchez earned his PhD in City Planning from Georgia Tech and is a Professor of Urban Affairs and Planning at Virginia Tech in the National Capital Region (Washington, DC/Northern Virginia). Sanchez is editor-in-chief of Housing Policy Debate, an international journal on the topics of housing and community development policy.

He conducts research in the areas of transportation, housing, social justice, technology, and scholarly impact. His recent book, Planning Knowledge and Research, was published by Routledge in 2018. He has co-authored three other books including, Planning as if People Matter: Governing for Social Equity (2012), The Right to Transportation: Moving to Equity (2007), and The Social Impacts of Urban Containment (2007). His forthcoming book (with Denise Bedford), Networks in the Knowledge Economy, is due out in early 2021.

Recent Publications